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When the Coriolis acceleration is $$\vec{a} = -2 \vec{\omega} \times \vec{v},$$ or $$a =-2\omega v \sin \theta$$ then $\theta$ is the angle between $\vec v$, the vector of velocity and $\vec \omega$, the vector of angular velocity, which always points upwards. So for example, when you're at the north pole and shoot an arrow horizontally to the earth's ...


could the Coriolis effect on snowing be so dramatic...? No. The Coriolis effect is only noticeable for objects traveling long distances with respect to Earth's surface for significant periods of time. For example, a ballistic missile fired hundreds of miles or a hurricaine that is hundreds of miles in diameter and lasts for days. Across the street is ...


Yes, but it would be completely overwhelmed by wind currents.

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