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A very peculiar fact is that in a compact space THERE IS a preferred inertial system. Indeed even if locally there is no way to single out a preferred inertial system, globally you can do it. Is the topology that tells you that an observer doing a loop around a torus is topologically different from an observer moving around simply connected loops. So for ...


The reason is clearly given in the famous paper "Vacuum configurations for superstrings" - -. Here, I am just copying the introduction of that paper. I cannot tell the reason why with better words. Recently, the discovery [6] of anomaly cancellation in a modified version of d = 10 ...


If there are eleven dimensions as M-Theory asserts Let us suppose it is true would that mean that the majority of what we are made from exists in the seven other dimensions? Define dimension: In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to ...


A simplistic answer is, 3/11ths of us exists within the normal three dimensions, and the other 8/11ths exists in the hypothetical extra dimensions. This answer does make string theory sound silly (which personally I think it is :) , but i can't see why it should not be true.

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