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A picture is worth a thousand words. Three-jet event. Electronic display of an electron-positron collision in the ALEPH detector at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva. The display shows a cross-section of the detector, with the beam tube in the centre (blue) surrounded by various detector components (blue and red). The electron ...


Gluons are never found in isolation. If you had a way of directly detecting the mass, charge, and spin of particles, and detector finds something with no mass and no charge and spin 1, it's a photon, definitely not a gluon. Besides, photons interact electromagnetically, whereas gluons don't. The way modern detectors are constructed, they typically have a ...


Indeed you cannot measure gluons, since the fact that they are color charged implies they are always confined. Thus, while photon may freely escape from the colission, gluons, like quarks, may not. That is the reason why you measure in your detectors hadronized matter, whose color content is "white".

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