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No, confinement means that such a state cannot exist, or more precisely, it cannot have a finite energy/mass. If such a colored state had a finite energy, it would mean that far enough from the colored particle, the quantum fields very closely approach the vacuum state. But if that's so, you could always combine two such objects of opposite colors. The total ...


An other way to see the argument of the answer of @fuenfundachtzig , is that, concerning $SU(3)$ representations, there is an equivalence between $(3*3)_\text{antisymmetrised}$ representation ("red * green") and $3^*$ representation ("antiblue"). Why ? Well, thanks to the completely anti-symmetric Levi_Civita symbol. Using objects upon which act the ...


It works if you assign colors like this: one red up, one green up, down is blue, $X$ takes red and green which are equivalent to antiblue ("yellow"), thus color is conserved. I didn't take into account the last fact which explains my confusion.

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