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While respecting the other good and thoughrough answers, I feel I can give you a simple explanation to your exact question. The 0th law of thermodynamics is the law of the temperature balancing that you refer to. As you mention in your question, this law says that two bodies eventually will have equal temperatures when in thermal contact. "Eventually" is ...


Perhaps because of the same reasons as the warming of greenhouses? If the windows are uncovered the sunlight increase the energy inside, by isolating the warm air inside the structure so that heat is not lost by convection. [From Wikipedia]


The air has very low thermal conductivity and capacity, in most cases outside, the main contributor to thermal exchange (and thus perception of temperature) is radiation (Stefan's law, every object is radiating light all across the spectrum, with colder bodies giving most of it in infrared, hotter is more visible red (coal embers, hot iron), then yellow, ...


Law of Thermodynamics says that two bodies eventually will have equal temperatures. That is not an absolute Law. There are conditions, and one of those conditions involves the energy input to the bodies. If this Law was absolute, then the Sun would be at the same temperature as the universe, about 2.7 K, because the universe is much larger than the ...

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