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The problem with this question is in the premise that where dynamical chaos is applicable nothing is predictable or can be extrapolated to the past. This is a wrong premise. Take this demonstration of a chaotic system. Note that it is computer simulation and of course it fits real data. Computer simulations are time symmetric, so the individual points can ...


You seem to be misunderstanding the depth of the prediction we've made of the past in saying that the Big Bang happened. You do make a very valid point that chaotic systems even with as few elements as the solar system are practically impossible to past-predict (I'm going to start using the word "postdict"1 because it makes me feel better). I'm more than ...


I'm not sure if that touches your question, but the universe is thought to be non-chaotic in the long term behaviour because of some anisotropy in the initial conditions (at least this is the general opinion). I watched a cool vid about that a couple of days ago. The point for which I agree with you, is that if looking at a certain situation, in general one ...


The problem is analogous to the physics of gases. Do we need to describe the chaotic motion of every molecule before we can determine overall properties? No.

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