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When you try writing a quantu, theory of strings, you get supergravity in the classical limit. Branes are just solitonic solutions to those supergravity theories. You can classify string/brane theories based on the type of SUGRA theory you get in the classical limit. That gives you four kinds in (9+1)dim and M-theory in (10+1)dim, all related by various ...


There is really no complication in arriving at equation (5) given equation (5). We have: $$ \frac{d}{d\rho}\left[\frac{\rho^3}{\sqrt{1+\left(\frac{dy_6}{d\rho}\right)^2}}\frac{dy_6}{d\rho}\right]=0. $$ We solve this differential equation. $$ \frac{\rho^3}{\sqrt{1+\left(\frac{dy_6}{d\rho}\right)^2}}\frac{dy_6}{d\rho}=\tilde{c} $$ $\tilde{c}$ being a ...

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