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It depends on the context whether M-theory refers to the full UV completion or just the 11D supergravity limit. For example when people say "type IIA string theory is related to M-theory by T-duality" and go on to calculate something in "M-theory", they really mean the supergravity limit. However, when you hear vague statements like "M-theory is the ...


A fundamental string is the basic building block when we are talking about string theory: a one-dimensional object that may vibrate, and whose states of excitation correspond to particles. These strings may split and merge, just as particles may decay and annihilate to form a new kind of particle. As there are both open and closed strings, it turns out that ...


I would guess that you're thinking of the brane world ideas. If so, the branes you're describing are not eleven dimensional. They are surfaces of dimension lower than eleven embedded in the eleven dimensional space. For example in this context example our universe would be a four dimensional brane.

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