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Let us suppose the gas is confined by a harmonic potential. The bosons have, in three dimensions, energy levels $\hbar\omega(n+3/2)$ with degeneracy $n(n+1)/2$. The grand-canonical partition function of level $n$ is (without degeneracy) $$ \xi_n=\sum_{p=0}^\infty \left(\mathrm e^{-\beta \hbar\omega(n+3/2)+\beta\mu(T)}\right)^p$$ where $p$ is the number ...


"Classical particle", or atoms do condensate. At high temperature $T$, the atoms are far away in the so called gas phase. When the temperature decrease, they will undergo a phase transition and condense to liquid. At even lower temperature, it becomes solid and the atoms are closer together. All of these three phase has clear phase transition temperature. ...


they can, it's called a regular old liquid. a BEC is when individual atoms lose their identity, in a sense, and the wave functions overlap to display group behaviour. bad for BEC if the particles condense classically and form a liquid = pool of something other than a BEC, prolly just a liquid pool of classical particles. at least as I understand it.

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