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Yes. Bose-Einstein condensation was experimentally achieved in systems of: Rubidium atoms (first experimental realization, 2001 Nobel prize) Potassium atoms Cesium atoms Lithium atoms Sodium atoms Exciton polaritons Photons Phonons (?) If you are using atoms, they must behave like bosons (see also here).


First of all, I have not directly worked on BEC or laser cooling per se, but what I am writing is my understanding after discussing this subject with a person who is directly involved in this activity. Hence if anything is wrong or inconsistent please let me know. As rightly said by @Lagrangian that it is not required that the particles should be at same co-...


The general misconception is that the bosons in BEC and superfluids are in the same quantum state including the same spatial coordinates. This would result in stacking of each particles' wave function and unlimited reduction in volume of such a substance. The truth is that the particles in BEC or superfluids do not necessarily crowd, but have the capability ...


So spin 0 particles can pass freely through fermions and other particles if there is lack of EM repulsion between them? There is never lack of EM repulsion because baryonic matter is made of charged particles. The superfluid will stay into the container.

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