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Hints to the sought-for formula (16) for $\hat{H}$: Use integration by parts in ${\bf r}$-space to remove derivatives from the Dirac delta distributions, cf. comment by user ACuriousMind. Work on the problem from both ends (15) and (16). Use Leibniz rule $$\tag{*}\nabla^2 (fg)~=~ g\nabla^2 f + f \nabla^2 g+ 2 \nabla f\cdot\nabla g,$$ so that $\nabla$ only ...


In principle, it is very simple and straightforward. The problem is to map out the region where the integer filling state is the ground state. Suppose you have $L$ sites. Take $N=L$ particles, find its ground state energy, which is denoted as $E_g(L)$. Note that here the Hamiltonian does not contain the $\mu $ term. Do it again for $N=L+1$, the ground ...

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