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I think you have to lean forward and jump hop (like astronauts did). Now if the lean angle is too great then you would slip. The limit is $\tan \theta \le \mu$. Now with a jump of max (leg extension) speed $v$ at an angle $\theta$ from vertical kinematics have that the time per hop is $$ t = \frac{2 v \cos \theta}{g} = \frac{2 v}{g \sqrt{1+\mu^2}}$$ ...


In a "perfect" space suit probably only 4-6 mph!?! In a dome on grass or something mayB 10 even 11 but remember that U would not only B moving horizontally but vertically as well which would slow down even the fastest runners tho U should B able 2 sustain these speeds 4 much longer due 2 the minimal "weight" aspects..:)


First one can get killed even by coming in contact (with speed from high altitude) with the water surface, which at this speed and momentum it appears as a "block of cement" (or more correctly, develop high enough forces to break your bones as per @dmckee's comment). This depends what wil be the impact surface (that is why seals and olympic divers fall into ...


The visible and radio waves can cause heating effect when absorbed by the living cells. Human mind is effected by the electromagnetic waves and can change moods of a person. Higher radiations like Ultraviolet, X rays and Gama radiations can produce damage to life at powers that produce little heating.


Short answer: It is a combination of the lever/pulley principle plus the transformation of chemical energy into mechanical energy which makes the muscle/weight system work like this. Longer Answer: The arm joints are small levers or pulleys, meaning the amount of force can be multiplied by the relative lenghts of arm joints. The chemical/thermal energy ...


I would think that the energy spent to make a deadlift is related ( maybe in a non-linear way ) to the work done to move the bar. If you define work as always: $$ W = F\Delta h = mg \Delta h $$ then you can define the energy spent by a machine as $$ E = \frac{L}{\eta} $$ where $\eta$ is the efficiency of the machine. Now, no one can tell exactly what is the ...

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