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There are two primary factors that allow the cochlea to isolate frequencies. These are generally referred to as passive and active properties: tl;dr version: The passive properties are due to the mechnical properties of one of the membranes in the cochlea, the basilar membrane, primarily the width and stiffness at a given point. The active properties are ...


I believe that as the body starts to decompose, the action of bacteria, particularly in the gut, produce gases, which are trapped. The gases expand the volume of the body, thereby reducing its density and hence leading to buoyancy, which causes the body to float. Interesting that a question which looks like physics has a biological answer.


The explanation that I heard was that the human body with air in the lungs is less dense than water but with water in lungs such as drowning is more dense than water and sinks. The underwater, presumably dead body, still has live gas producing bacteria in the intestines which start to digest undigested food and eventually the dead person's tissues. When ...


The general answer is "yes". There is a current flow through the solution and if you put part of yourself into it then part of the current will flow through you. How much current is the real question, and that depends on a whole lot of variables such as voltage and current between the electrodes, their separation, where you place the biological component, ...

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