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A single Maxwell (for instance) BCAP0350 2.7v ultra capacitor that's about the size of a D cell has a capacity of 1300 Joules (1.3 x 10^3 J). It is extremely useful to use ultracaps to charge batteries if the nature of the power source is intermittent and high current (say, at 35 to 175 Amps, also within spec of the one I listed). Charge the ultracaps ...


There are many reasons why they are not used, the reasons or my explanations may not or may not be good/useful. in no particular order Alpha voltaic's are prob the best, with Pu238 or Am241 being likely candidates, though, Cm-243,244 are also options. They are superior to batteries in almost every way, but cost limits them to micro power devices. uses are ...

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