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Your intuition that there is no difference between airplanes and cars is correct. If you measure motion relative to a frame fixed to the stars, so not rotating, a point on the equator is traveling about 1000 mph. As you drive from the pole to the equator, you get that velocity, and so does an airplane. It is more common to use a reference frame that is ...


There is an omission in input data: glider's "fuel" is a sum of its potential and kinetic energies. So heavier glider (towed to same height and velocity) requires more work from the towing plane and starts with more energy than lighter glider.


the video show that the principle of helicopter works in a zero-g (no gravity) environnement, not that the principle works in space. The helicopter is able to lift on earth (and int the space shuttle) because of the viscosity of the air. Whitout any friction, there is no move. In space, there is really few particles. So the friction would be very low and ...


When a plane banks the wing up-and-back (lift) force becomes partly sideways. When level average force of the 2 wings goes through the centre of gravity. When it banks the force is in front of the centre of gravity and induces a moment of force which turns the aircraft. The more the bank the more the force moves forward and more the torque. It's a 3D problem ...

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