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The real problem with a workable anti-gravity device (assuming it could be made) is how to power it. It will most likely need an electrical power supply. For example, a Boeing 747 needs about 100MW of power to get into the air, and it's thrust to weight ratio is about 1:6 which means that your anti-grav installed on a 747 would need a half gigawatt power ...


There's a lot of reasons why we can't fly like superman/Rocky the Squirrel/birds. We should note the flying involves movement through the air controlled by the flyer which can carry on indefinitely. If you're looking for something else, you should know about squirrel suits and jet-packs. Lift is the number one reason why we can't use our arms to fly. The ...


I think this has to do with sync of the oscilation of the glass molecules and the air molecules. When the planes passes over your house the air molecules approach the frequency that the glass moleculs oscilate, thus making the amplitude of oscilation bigger. That is why the glass vibrates.

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