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Is there any open database of elemental sensitivity factors for Auger electrons?

I'm trying to figure out graphite oxidation degree from AES spectra, so relative sensitivity of O to C is required. Spectra were registered with the primary electron energy of 1500 eV. I found some reference data in Perkin Elmer AES handbook and this paper [1], but they are contradictive ( O/C = 0.37 @AES handbook; O/C = 0.26 @[1] with 3 keV) and presents quite distant points from my excitation conditions (1, 3, 5, 10 keV @handbook and 3, 5, 10 keV @[1] vs 1.5 keV of mine).

Experimental data would be preferable but if there aren't any, link to theoretical calculation software will be helpful too!

[1]: Calculated Auger yields and sensitivity factors for K L L–N O O transitions with 1–10 kV primary beams http://www.materialinterface.com/_files/Calculated%20AES%20yields%20Matl%20Interface.pdf

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