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I would like to know if any epistemologist or science popularizer has ever think about a better/simpler name for exotic or non-baryonic cold dark matter like black matter.

That would be interesting in my opinion to stress:

  • the change of paradigm that already occured from the hot dark matter cosmological model initiated by Zeldovitch to the cold dark matter model initiated by Peebles;
  • the paradigmatic shift (supersymmetry or some other hypothesis) that could hide behind the discovery of wimps or other cold dark matter.

The black matter conundrum indeed could be comparable with former historical puzzles like black body radiation and black hole evaporation which brought new paradigms in physics (the first driven by experimental facts, the second by theoretical inquiry).

Edit :

I am looking for references (text form an epistemologist or science popularizer) in English rather than just opinions (to answer the legitimate commentary of @dmckee). My question was triggered by reading a very clear text in French by François Bouchet about Cosmology where I was surprised to find at some point the French word for black matter while most of the time the author uses the common term dark matter (in his case I guess the change of terminology is just a stylistic artifact).

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Dear @dmckee I hope the last edit helps to converge to the Physics.SE philosophy. I don't want to bother people with semantics but as en educator I try to pay more attention to terminology than the average (post-)modern science popularizer playing with "God" particle and "string" theories ... – laboussoleestmonpays Dec 1 '13 at 19:08