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Is there any physical example of a real closed system?

I am aware that the whole universe can be considered as a closed system, but I am looking for a smaller example.

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A "closed system" is an idealization, and obviously can't be perfectly realized in practice ; however a closed water bottle that you put in your fridge or microwave (very bad idea) would be a simple example.

Note that actually the whole universe would rather be considered an isolated system, since I don't see what it could exchange energy with.

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A closed system in thermodynamics is defined as a system whose properties are not affected by the surrounding that is no flow of energy in or out of the system occurs. A simple example can be of a hot water bottle which is used to store hot liquids although it is not fully insulated due to which there is a little bit of exchange og energy between the liquid inside it and the surrounding, but it is the best example. If you imagine of a hot water bottle which is fully insulated and no heat flow's outside it, you can say it to be closed system.

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That would be an isolated system. A closed system can exchange work or heat, but not matter. [] – Nicolas Oct 2 '13 at 16:15
as i studied closed system or isolated system were same not too deep in the topic – Dimensionless Oct 2 '13 at 16:18

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