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I'm not a physics guy so I'll apologize from the start if I put some erroneous terms. I just want to know the relationship of mass, volume, density and pressure of the two balloons if balloon A is inside balloon B.

My reason for asking this is very special. I'm a computer programmer and I want to apply this concept on adaptive DIV elements when constructing a dynamic HTML page.

I am assuming these two concepts are co-relational.

I also want to include the relationship if force is applied outside of balloon B so I want to know what happens on balloon A.

It is ok to apply things through formula I have basic understanding of physics terms. And it will be much better and greatly appreciated if you will also explain the proportions like if this property increases the other property decreases something like that.

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You'll have to assume a few things like the balloon is completely spherical(not a really bad assumption), and that its elasticity is directly proportional to length, or area in this case(depends on what kind of material you use and the size of your balloons) –  udiboy1209 Aug 20 '13 at 17:13

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