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I have my bachelors degree in engineering science: computer science, option electrotechnic. I have a good understanding of basic mechanics and dynamics, calculus (differential equations).

The books I'm now having a look at are:

What book do you recommend for studying fluid dynamics on my own and why?

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The books you have mentioned, are written from an engineering point of view rather than physicist's. The following books are recommended:

  • Fluid dynamics For Physicists by T. E. Faber (Introductory. Doesn't need more backgrounds than you mentioned)
  • An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics by G. K. Batchelor (Introductory. Doesn't need more backgrounds than you mentioned)
  • Fluid Mechanics, Volume 6 of Course of Theoretical Physics by Landau and Lifshitz (Advanced)

and also you may find the following book, with a more mathematical flavor, interesting: (I haven't seen this one myself)

  • A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Chorin and Marsden
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