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A human cannon has a spring constant of 35 000 N/m. The spring can be extended up to 4.5m. How far horizontally would a 65kg clown be fired if the cannon is pointed upward at 45 degrees to the horizontal?

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Are you familiar with ideal springs? Do you know the formula for working with them? You need to show some level of effort. – Brandon Enright May 2 '13 at 2:13

Max. Energy in spring=$\dfrac12 kx^2$ that will get transfered into body of mass m=$65kg$ . So, $$\dfrac12 kx^2=\dfrac12 mv^2$$

here you get the velocity and then solve for range $$R\text{ange}=\dfrac{u^2sin(2\theta)}{g}=\dfrac{u^2}{g}\Bigg|_{\theta=45}$$

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