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The magnetic field of a bar magnet shows that the N pole field is repelling outward from the tip, is it possible to redirect the field of corners of the magnet so the field is also repelling outward?

Also is it possible, through the use of mu-metal or soft iron to manipulate or otherwise redirect the overall magnetic field of a bar magnet so as to utilize only the N pole repulsion in a specific direction?

If the above questions are possible, is it possible to focus the repelling field (via soft iron, a cone, etc.) in a general direction to increase the overall power of the magnetic field (not necessarily its reach, just overall strength)?

I apologize if these questions are tedious, or just simply stupid. I am not well versed in this subject.

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What do you mean by repelling / repulsion from the N pole? Are you repelling another magnet's N pole? You should be able to reshape the field with a Mu-metal but it isn't really clear what you're asking. –  Brandon Enright May 2 '13 at 20:51
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