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The stadium Zeno paradox (not the same paradox from the Quantum-Zeno-Effect, but the same Zeno) gives a paradox about time, when two runners move toward a standing person from different directions. The "Newtonian" or classical solution is that one simply needs relative velocities which Zeno did not know about:

Wikipedia entry.

But what happens if one takes a look with SRT on this problem? Summary:

A spaceship $R$ rests at point $0$. Spaceship $A$ is at $-2L$ and Spaceship $B$ is at $L$. Both, $A$ and $B$ move toward $R$ with absolute velocity $v$. What happens if $v \rightarrow c$?

Spaceship $A$ will see $R$ coming closer with $c$ and it will see $B$ coming closer with $c$ (no speed faster than $c$). But it will see that $B$ overtakes $R$ after time $L/c$.

Paradox: $A$ sees both $R$ and $B$ coming with $c$ but also sees $B$ overtaking $R$.

How to resolve this paradox?

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