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I'm looking for contemporary reviews on neutron stars. Seems like this area is pretty active, so even reviews from five or ten years ago are somewhat lacking, though certainly not worthless. Does anyone have recommendations? Newer is better.

Books are okay too, but I'd prefer one of those 70-ish page reviews you find in journals.

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There are rather new lecture notes (1 year old) by my colleague Andreas Schnmitt focusing on the microscopic aspects of compact stars (formerly known as neutron stars): see here.

It is more 140-ish than 70-ish, but the layout is rather generous with space, so it might be exactly what you were looking for.

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Coincidentally, this thirty page review appears on tonights ArXiv.

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I would suggest these from Living Reviews in Relativity,

Rotating Stars in Relativity, by Nikos Stergioulas,

Physics of Neutron Star Crusts, by Nicolas Chamel and Pawel Haensel and

Relativistic Fluid Dynamics: Physics for Many Different Scales, by Nils Andersson and Gregory L. Comer

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