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Two people, Micah and Lyra, with different near points are equally close to an object. Both inspect the object through the same magnifier by holding the lens close to the eye. Micah's near point is located farther away from his eye than Lyra's near point is located relative to her eye. Micah will experience a larger magnification for which of the following reasons?

The answer is:

  • When the object is located at his near point, the angular size of the object is smaller for Micah than for Lyra.

  • The angular size of the image relative to the angular size of the object at the near point is greater for Micah than for Lyra.

My question is why the 1st point? Not really able to visualize whats happening ... Also, why is "Micah can see the image clearly from a larger distance than Lyra can." not correct too? He has a larger near point so he can see the image from a larger distance?

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