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Calculate the minimum Lawson parameter for sustained deuterium-deuterium fusion in a plasma with an energy of 10 keV.

I have been given the above question as part of a homework assignment and help would be much appreciated.

The Lawson parameter is given as $$ n \tau > \frac{12 k T}{<\sigma v> Q} $$

where $\sigma$ is the fusion cross-section.

I think that Q for d-d reaction is 4 MeV when a proton is produced and 3.3 MeV when a neutron is produced so I assume for the minimum Lawson parameter I should use the larger value of 4 MeV?

Also if the energy of the plasma is 10 MeV should I use this to calculate the temperature of the reaction $T$ using $\frac{3}{2} k T$ or the velocity $v$ using $\frac{1}{2} m v^2$ ?

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