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When I learned Special Relativity, it was taught in terms of basic linear algebra, without any mention of the Minkowski space, proper time as integration on the metric, etc.

However, when I am trying to learn General Relativity from several books (Wald, Carroll, Weinberg), it seems they all assume I am already familiar with SR and Minkowski space, and only briefly review it.

So, I'm afraid I'll be missing some material here.

What is a good source for SR from a Riemannian geometry point of view?

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Since Minkowski space is flat, there isn't a lot of geometry to be done. In any case, a valuable resource is the 'Gravitation' book by Misner-Thorne-Wheeler. – Vibert Mar 19 '13 at 10:09
The answers to this questions (v1) is likely to be duplicates of e.g. See also e.g. – Qmechanic Mar 19 '13 at 11:02

For semi-Riemannian geometry in general (including some discussion of flat space) it's hard to beat Semi-Riemannian Geometry by O'Neill.

I assume you've already looked at the Wiki pages for Minkowski space, but also try this.

Lastly, Hartle's Gravity has a great introduction to relativity in Minkowski space in the first few chapters.

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