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Suppose you are in the airplane and the airplane falls toward the earth with acceleration of $20m/s^2$(double of gravitational acceleration $g$). This double acceleration by airplane will cancel the gravitational acceleration and create gravitational acceleration upward from the earth. If this happens, you will be pushed to the ceiling of the airplane if there is such a airplane that falls vertically from its rest position. While falling, the environment in the airplane will be the same as on the earth because in both case you will be pushed in the direction of the acceleration. My question is if this happens, will we feel right up while while being pushed to the ceiling of airplane? Will we feel just standing on earth?

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Possible duplicate: – Bernhard Mar 16 '13 at 21:40

If the plane accelerated down at 2g (ie 20m/s^2) then yes you would feel 1 gravity upward. If the plane was also upside down (!) you would feel that you were sitting in your seat normally

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With respect to the aeroplane, the acceleration will be g upward(against the earth's gravitational pull). However a person in the plane will feel weightless (till he strikes the ceiling) as there is no normal reaction of the aeroplane acting on him. There is only the gravitational force exerted on him by the earth. He won't feel as if he were standing on the earth.

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