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A sort-of follow-up to Are the Voyager probes still sending us a signal ?

Still following on the news report referenced in the above question, this report indicates further magnetic surprises at, or near to, the interface of Sol's family with the rest of the universe. I recall reading there are such things as constructive/destructive interference which serve to amplify/attenuate an EM wave respectively. By this I assume there is a limit on the minimum amount of power required to penetrate a given magnetic field (I know it's possible to operate QRP 1W CW across antipodes!)

What is the minimum strength a signal must be at the edge of the Solar System to penetrate the magnetic field/s and be audible on Earth?



  1. The discovered magnetic region is of uniform strength, spherical in nature (centred around Sol), and
  2. The source magnetic field is in the planetary plane


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From where outside the solar system? In the plane with all the planets (and thus potentially also past magnetic active objects such as Jupiter?) –  Hennes Mar 3 '13 at 18:24
@Hennes: Didn't think of that but assuming it lies in the plane of the planets - say the source is one of the Voyagers; outside this field, and close to it! –  Everyone Mar 4 '13 at 2:35

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