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Do we get elements from other elements ?

Somebody said they believed the world was visited by aliens and they made slavs of us and then amde us mine gold for them then they leave us to grow into what we no as humanity today.

I said it would be easier for them to make the gold if they can make space ships and travel thru space,and i said that we make elements from other elements all the time,i even said the sun takes elements and changes them and bombards us all the time with the new elements.

i got the answer back off a self proclaimed astro- no it all scientist geologist brain box ---we need the power of a star to do this and its not so common on earth--i cited the hadron colider as making diffrent elemenst from the 1s it used.i even put plutonium 238 and the break down of it as it goes back to lead.

whose right?>

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Very poorly constructed question. – DilithiumMatrix Jan 17 '13 at 2:30
i might well struggle with grammer and punctuation,ima told im dyslexic? i dont see it tbf.long as you no what ima talking about its all good---stephen hawkings was the same,indeed enough great minds couldnt write --shrugs shoulders to those that judge me on grammer/punctuation – frankbevan Jan 17 '13 at 3:14
@frankbevan the problem is not with spelling, grammar, or punctuation. We can and will fix those, if they are the only problems with a post. So don't automatically assume that you are being judged on your writing ability. The problem is that it's not even clear what you're asking. I see something about aliens, and mining gold, and the LHC making plutonium, none of which I (or other people) can make any sense of. If you'd like to clarify what you're asking, we're happy to help you fix up the question, and at that time it can be reopened, but in its current form it just doesn't make sense. – David Z Jan 17 '13 at 4:49

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There are numerous ways something can change from one element to another. Particle colliders are a good example, just like radioactive decay. We do not have the capabilities to do this for large quantities of material, like what happens in the sun.

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