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Time taken to occur a direct nuclear reaction is very low $10^{-22}$sec . I want to know the Importance of direct nuclear reactions.

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Same comment I made on your subsequent question. – dmckee Nov 25 '12 at 18:21

from the wiki article on nuclear reactions:

Direct reactions

An intermediate energy projectile transfers energy or picks up or loses nucleons to the nucleus in a single quick (10−21 second) event. Energy and momentum transfer are relatively small. These are particularly useful in experimental nuclear physics, because the reaction mechanisms are often simple enough to calculate with sufficient accuracy to probe the structure of the target nucleus.

So their importance lies in their use as a probe to study a nucleus, i.e determine its energy levels, quadrupole moment etc. The short lifetime is indicative of a strong interaction lifetime ( in contrast to weak decays or electromagnetic interactions which are much slower)

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