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I want to block magnetic field of the very strong magnet, can I put it inside faraday cage to block its magnetic field?

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No. The point of a Faraday cage is that it's made of a conductor, which responds to electric fields. A strong magnetostatic field is different, and will barely be affected by the Faraday cage. (The cage may have some magnetic properties, but that's not what makes it a Faraday cage, and it's unlikely to have a significant impact.)

There's a little info on Wikipedia about magnetic shielding:

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If you want to block a magnetic field, a faraday cage made of mesh is a bad choice.

You would need a cage made of solid metal sheets. A thick enough sheet would completely block the field on the other side.

This site has a calculator that draws the magnetic field across a metal sheet:

(it is from a company that sells magnets).

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