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I would like to know how to calculate Temperature Humidity Wind Index (THW Index)? I know how to calculate Heat Index and Wind Chill. I am asking this because my weather station Davis Vantage Pro2 calculates THW index but I could not find any information on NOAA. This is what it says under Help for my weather station:

The THW Index uses humidity, temperature and wind to calculate an apparent temperature that incorporates the cooling effects of wind on our perception of temperature.

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up vote 1 down vote accepted has an explanation for how to calculate the THW index.

The Heat Index formula is complicated enough I don't want to try doing it in markup; but the wikipedia article you linked has that formula. From there THW is simple enough.

THW = HI - (1.072 * W)

Note that the formulas require a temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit and a wind speed in miles per hour.

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