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Is there a database somewhere of the review literature (especially the most cited papers) in theoretical physics? I know about Spires but unfortunately it is not working. When I open a page it says "Your search did not match any records. Please try again." Does anyone have this problem and what are the alternatives? I know the string wiki website which has a big collection of excellent review papers in string theory but it does not contain reviews in the standard model and other areas of theoretical physics.

Thanks in advance.

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SPIRES has been replaced by INSPIRE as of a few weeks ago. There is a link to HEP reviews on the sidebar there, or you can probably try the same searches that SPIRES would do to find review papers in a particular category.

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First of all, there are journals publishing a lot of review papers : Physics Reports, Reviews of Modern Physics, Living Reviews in Relativity, etc., so you may search on their web sites.

As for a database, the only one that comes to mind so far is the Net Advance of Physics.

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