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When I see a new accelerator in real life or on a picture, I always find it interesting to see how many thing I can recognize. In that way, I can also get a small first idea of how the accelerator is working. Here is a picture, I have taken of LEIR at CERNLEIR

Help me to be able to recognize even more stuff, than I can now(I will post a few answers myself)

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Quadrupole magnet Quadrupole magnet Quadrupole magnets are mostly used for beam focusing.

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Sextupole magnet Sextupole magnets Sextupole magnets are mainly used to correct for chromaticity.

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Ion pump Ion pumps

Ion pumps are used to pump away rest gas in beam tubes at very low pressure.

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Electron cooler Electron cooler

Electron coolers are used to cool beams of heavier particles.

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Dipole magnet Dipole magnet

Look at the brown blocks at the lower left of the picture in the question. Dipole magnets are used for bending the trajectory of the particles.

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