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With $Y_{lm}(\vartheta,\varphi)$ being the Spherical Harmonics and $z_l^{(j)}(r)$ being the Spherical Bessel functions ($j=1$), Neumann functions ($j=2$) or Hankel functions ($j=3,4$) defining $$\psi_{lm}^{(j)}(r,\vartheta,\varphi)=z_l^{(j)}(r)Y_{lm}(\vartheta,\varphi),$$ what are representations of the Poincaré transformations applied to the Vector Spherical Harmonics

$$\vec L_{lm}^{(j)} = \vec\nabla \psi_{lm}^{(j)},\\ \vec M_{lm}^{(j)} = \vec\nabla\times\vec r \psi_{lm}^{(j)},\\ \vec N_{lm}^{(j)} = \vec\nabla\times\vec M_{lm}^{(j)}$$

? Does any publication cover all Poincaré-transformations, i.e. not only translations and rotations but also Lorentz boosts? I'd prefer one publication covering all transformations at once due to the different normalizations sometimes used.

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disclaimer: I also asked this at MathOverflow – Tobias Kienzler Mar 1 '12 at 12:19

The problem with Poincaré group is in the fact that it is not compact. That's why this question is non-trivial. Though, properly formulated search gives few papers on this topic. Try to find the answer in this paper . The paper itself may be not that interesting, but there is a nice introduction with a number of useful references.

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