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I'm looking for approaches to nonrenormalization theorems in supersymmetric QFT which are as much as possible mathematical, elegant and involve few heavy straightforward computations

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One approach is that of Seiberg

which is also expanded upon a little bit (and explained in a slightly different way) by Weinberg

The old point of view is based on explicit supergraph computations

The disadvantage of the supergraphs approach is that it is bound to be valid only in perturbation theory. The advantage of it is that it is extremely rigorous and transparent. You said you were looking for a mathematically solid and elegant approach, so I would probably recommend this one. But the intuitive methods of Seiberg proved much more powerful because of their non-perturbative validity and simplicity.

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Thx! Is there an exposition of the supergraph approach which is freely available online? – Squark Nov 5 '11 at 17:36
Sure But it is advisable to acquire Wess&Bagger, where there is an introduction to the subject as well. – Zohar Ko Nov 5 '11 at 18:29

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