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The general question is: What are the values of Standard Model parameters (in the $\bar{MS}$ renormalization scheme) at some scale e.g. $m_{Z}$? As its parametrization in Yukawa matrices is not unique - what are the values of gauge couplings, fermion masses and CKM matrix?

The background: I want to solve renormalization group equations of MSSM and in order to have initial conditions for them I need to know SM parameters at one scale - not at few different, which one can find at Particle Data Group webpage.

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What's the matter with 'a few different' scales? Since you know the standard model beta and gamma functions, why not use them to run all parameters to a common scale? – QuantumDot Aug 19 '12 at 5:11

I think that the place to start for you is the Gfitter package. As I understand they have the best "global fit" of the SM parameters at $m_Z$.

Here is the recent paper which takes into account recently discovered God pa ..., sorry, the Higgs boson.

Also note that they've partially done your work by considering Type-II 2HDM.

Hope that helps.

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See Appendix A of my PhD thesis: I worked out the values of the parameters to use in RGE at $\mu=M_Z$.

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