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What is the mass of the LEGO figurines being launched with spacecraft Juno?

How much additional fuel will be needed to get them to Jupiter?

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With the following assumptions:

  • Dimensions of a Lego figurine = ~0.59 cubic inches
  • The figurines are composed of aluminum, which has a density of 0.098 pounds per cubic inch
  • The payload weight of the rocket = ~18,000 pounds
  • Launch price = ~$110 million

The weight/mass of the figurines can be calculated as 0.05782 lbs or 26.23 grams:

0.59 cubic inches * 0.098 lbs/cubic inch = 0.05782 lbs

You can calculate the launch cost of the figurines to be roughly $1,060.

($110,000,000/18,000 lbs) * 0.05782 lbs * 3 figurines = $1,060

As for the fuel requirements, I could not locate a source for the amount of fuel required per pound, but it should be fairly easy to come up with the answer if you have that number.


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