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Beginner Physics Resources?
Book recommendations

I'm wanting to learn physics. In fact i'm a software engineer and i find physics very fascinating. But everything I read things concerning physics, I don't understand many things. What are the books that can be helpful for someone who don't know physics but have a good foundation of mathematics??

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Start with "Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physcs" by Jewett and Serway. It is good for Newtonian Mech and Special Relativity. Once you're done, read about Lagrangian & Hamiltonian mech from wikipedia and then you can read Ludvigsen's "General Relativity: A geometric approach". However, it doesn't cover the EH action (it's approach is too geometric) so read that from wikipedia (it has a nice article on this) – Dimensio1n0 Jun 30 '13 at 7:48