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What would the calculation look like when computing the wind pressure of a moving vehilce versus compressed air pressure pushing against the the moving vehicle, how much compressed air pressure would be needed to combat the wind of the moving vehicle.?

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I think you are asking what is the air pressure caused by a vehicle moving?

It's a little complicated for a real vehicle with aerodynamics and air moving around it - but if you imagine a simple shaped object the force is

can somebody Tex this?

Which says that the force from the air is 1/2 * density of air * velocity squared * drag coeeficent * area

But since pressure is force / area we can drop the area bit and have the pressure of air just depends on the speed (v^2) and the shape Cd

You can look up Cd for different shapes, see But it's generally between 1 for a flat plate and 0.05 for a very streamlined teardrop.

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