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What material would be best suited to create a shield to protect from the new heat ray gun?

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See for a description of the weapon.

It's just EM radiation so kitchen foil would probably shield you just fine. Or soak your clothes in salt water. Anything conductive would do.

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I'd be afraid that aluminum foil would get extremely hot and give you actual burns. Saltwater soaking your clothing sounds better, but you'd also need rags to cover your face and eyes, which are extremely sensitive. Your best bet is probably running away. – BebopButUnsteady Apr 12 '12 at 20:04
Run away if you can. The device was deemed to be "safe and effective" because it did no lasting harm to young, physically fit volunteers (i.e., soldiers), who knew what to expect, who were not prevented from running, and who were not targeted by the operator after they ran. It'll be a whole different story if it is ever used on a dense crowd of protesters, some of whom may be unable to run, who may not know which way to run, who may have been "kettled" by the police or; if the thing is ever used to punish protesters instead of merely to chase them away. – james large Aug 17 '15 at 19:35

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