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what is the proper FBD for this system. I cant decide since the weight is given, but there is tension and contact forces. Things get mixed up.

Determine the contact force between the smooth 200-lb ball B and the horizontal bar, and the magnitude of the pin reaction at A. Neglect the weights of the bar and the pulley.

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Welcome to Physics.SE! I'm afraid that the FAQ is very clear that these kinds of "Here is a basic problem, please show me the solution" questions are off topic. If you can re-formulate this question in terms of the principles at work you could get it re-opened. Of course, if you expressed it in terms of the basic principle you'd probably see the answer right away. Hint: are the masses, $B$ and $C$, under acceleration? What does that say about the sum of the forces acting on them? – dmckee Feb 13 '12 at 17:49

Use two conditions: 1. The sum of forces acting on B (T,N,mg) is zero; 2. The sum of moments of forces (T at C, N at B) applied to the pin with respect to point A is zero. Choose the signs carefully.

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