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Please recommend undergraduate-level textbooks on electrodynamics which emphasize practical applications and real life examples. Please describe the book's level and contents and its intended audience in as much detail as possible.

Please provide both applications from everyday life for curious students as well as engineering applications from a physics perspective.

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Before answering, please see our policy on resource recommendation questions. Please write substantial answers that detail the style, content, and prerequisites of the book, paper or other resource. Explain the nature of the resource so that readers can decide which one is best suited for them rather than relying on the opinions of others. Answers containing only a reference to a book or paper will be removed!

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This answer contains some additional resources that may be useful. Please note that answers which simply list resources but provide no details are strongly discouraged by the site's policy on resource recommendation questions. This answer is left here to contain additional links that provide little or no commentary.

  • Staelin's Electromagnetic Waves. This is really for engineers, focusing on EM radiation with antennas and transmission lines.

  • I.E. Irodov's Basic Laws of Electromagnetism is a good book to start with. For application-level problmes, see his Problems in General Physics.

  • Electromagnetic fields and energy, an MIT textbook. It gives many examples over the course of its explanations.

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