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Graduate Physics Problems Books

Does anyone have recommendation for a physics problems collection book (series) that is similar to Demidovich's A Collection of Problems and Exercises in Mathematical Analysis? I am looking for the encyclopediac coverage and Russian editorial style, if you like.


I'd like problems for 1) senior undergraduates major in physics and/or 2) Ph.D. candidates in physics

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Have a look at the Schaum series, they have a lot of solved problems. For example here. There are too some Schaum titles for basic physics (here) and some topics, like Lagrangian Mechanics, see here. – Eduardo Guerras Valera Jan 17 '13 at 8:38

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I don't know at what level you want the problems. Some excellent sources for olympiad level problems are :

  1. Irodov
  2. Krotov
  3. 200 puzzling physics problems

The last one is especially good. For undergrad level physics problems, it is best you refer to individual textbooks.

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If you solve Irodov, you'll probably be able to solve anything else in the 'general physics' sense ;) So I agree with ramanujan_diracs choice :) – dingo_d Jan 17 '13 at 7:33

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