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List of good classical physics books

my name is Bruno Alano. As stated in the title, I'm 15 years old (I'll do 16 on 7 of Feb) and much love Computer Science (C, C++), Mathematics and Physics.

Some information may have been unnecessary, but my question is: What is the suggestion of a good physics book for a teenager of my age? I know basic things (speed, shoveller these issues and basic primary and secondary).

A good reason for this is my Awe in mathematics and physics. Besides that maybe one day be useful in what I really want a career (science or computer engineering).

And another question: It is interesting physics in the area I want to go? I'm at an age that would be good to learn beyond what is taught in common schools?

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that is the best combination of studying good luck! – 0x90 Jan 29 '12 at 9:55

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"Physics for the Inquiring Mind: The Methods, Nature, and Philosophy of Physical Science" by Eric M. Rogers is a superb book for a teenager. It doesn't overwhelm the reader with esoteric mathematics and provides a very solid foundation which is often missing in so many books. Expensive at about 60 dollars , I found a copy for 15 dollars, so seek young man and ye shall find!

On Amazon: Physics for the Inquiring Mind

Similarities in Physics - John Northrup Shive and Robert Weber is another great book for showing the interconnectedness in physics and basic ideas ranging from Simple Harmonic Motion, Heat, Noise etc. Actually I think this is one of the great and unknown pedagogical books for physics and it's free here. you really can't go wrong reading that one.

If you like a laugh and the kooky then try Macschrödinger's Cat - Jim O'Brien also at Amazon, but don't read this one for insight or learning, read this one just to stretch your mind.

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Even if it doesn't answer your question directly i think these videolectures are a great place to start and really motivating (and for free):

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The "Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday..." it's really good to read to begginers? Best then others? I really liked the book structure, but I don't know if read it's a good choice. – Bruno Alano Jan 29 '12 at 17:42

It is not a physics books but this book will make you a physics lover.

Surely You are joking Mr. Feynman

If you can get books for highschool that would be a good start, don't rush, learning physics takes time and hard work,

and always remmeber:

There is no human being who can't study physics!!

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You could use Wikipedia to find more specific topics you might be interested in.

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