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I'm taking a course on waves and oscillations using Crawford from the Berkeley series (out of print excluding international copies), and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for a better book.
We cover:

  • coupled oscillators,
  • forced oscillators,
  • Fourier analysis,
  • traveling waves,

and some other topics. Any help with the topic would be appreciated.

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I think Crawford is an incredible book - full of insight an clearly written by someone who loves the material. I used it for my waves course sophomore year, and I think it's too bad it's out of print now.

If you want something more theoretical, though, try Howard Georgi's book.

Also, I'll second French.

Also, David Morin has a set of drafted chapters of a waves book on his website.

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I highly recommend Waves and Oscillations. A Prelude to Quantum Mechanics.

It takes a Physics perspective, which may or may not be what you want. I like that it focuses more on physical insight rather than mathematical rigor. The later chapters are a great introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

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