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I heard some theory, such as technicolor, predicts the Higgs-like particle discovered at LHC should be a composite particle (correct me if I am wrong). Has this possible been completely excluded already?

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M. Strassler quotes R. Rattazzi as follows:

"we can’t rule out the possibility completely,

there’s some amount of circumstantial evidence against this new particle being a composite Higgs

if it is a composite Higgs, there are some indirect near-term measurements that could well reveal it; completely direct measurements are many years off"

Strassler summarizes that "the new particle is probably not a generic composite Higgs particle; it behaves too much like an elementary Higgs is expected to behave.

But the jury is still out, because there are some classes of composite Higgs particles that do specifically resemble elementary ones."

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Thanks. Seems Strassler's webpage is not available to me, unless I remove "/quotes". – user26143 Jul 27 '14 at 19:49

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