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I'm looking for a good introductory text on solid state devices for particle detection.
Thanks a lot.

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The place to start is the Particle Data Book chapters on detection. Go to, select the "experimental methods" button and start reading. – dmckee Jun 22 '11 at 14:58

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In Gilmore's book:

Chapter 5 is on solid state ionization and it's use in detectors. That was hanging around the lab when I was working in particle physics. I'd give that one a try. It's a bit old these days but the principles are there.

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I found this book pretty useful during studies:

Detectors for particle radiation (Konrad Kleinknecht)

It covers a lot of different detector types, and also has some chapters on solid state detectors, from the basics (particles in matter, semiconductors) up to how to build a detector out of it, if I recall correctly.

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