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After some discussions with my friend about some "popular" aspects of quantum mechanics, my friend asked me whether there exist any books that could convey the basic ideas in a non-technical way (my friend is not in any technical field). I am in mathematics, so I'm not aware of any such texts in physics. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Try "How to teach Physics to your dog", Chad Orzel, which I think is still in bookshops as well as at Amazon.

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There's the book "Quantum enigma"... It discusses the various interpretations of quantum mechanics for people with little background.

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Without question you need to read Macschrödinger's Cat by the somewhat cryptically name Reed de Buch

Cover Macschrödingers-Catödingers-Cat-strange-tale-universe/dp/1460965019/ref=sr_1_2

It wasn't until I found this bizarre book that I finally understood how it was possible to understand modern physics without equations.

It doesn't treat the reader like an idiot, yet at the same time it's filled with idiocy. You could also look at the author's blog but he hasn't written much this year.

Although, how the author turned Erwin Schrödinger into a deranged hebephrenic Scotsman beats me.

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