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I already apologize for my medium english... I'm a french guy, not really gifted to recognize electronic circuits :

In fact, I need to identify a circuit from is function. So, here is the block (called OCT)

enter image description here

I only know that the components are organized in the following manner

enter image description here

where INT is an integrator, COMP is a hysteresis comparator (which compares the entering signal with zero), and $\epsilon=sign(v_{s_4}(t))$. Thus, it gives when $\mathcal{V}_A(t)=v_0$ :

enter image description here

Or in the general case

enter image description here

So, it seems that my OCT is a kind of Voltage-controlled oscillator, but which one ? (I'm due to buy it...).

Thanks everyone and again, sorry for my approximative english.

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Would Electrical Engineering be a better home for this question? – Qmechanic May 9 '14 at 11:46
Step back and explain what you are really trying to accomplish and leave your imagined solution with the various blocks out of it. Just because you can write a simple equation for something doesn't mean it is easy to realize with physical parts. If all you want is a VCO, then say so. These things are available off the shelf or easy to make yourself in various ways, but we need to know what specs are important. – Olin Lathrop May 9 '14 at 12:55