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How many photons in one Planck volume would it take to form a tiny black hole?

A photon doesn't have mass but it does have energy, $1.0101 \times 10^{-37}$ Joule for red $650$ nm wavelength light if I'm correct. A photon is a point-like boson so an infinite number of photons can fit into any given area.

So more photons is equal to more energy which would bend space-time even more till they themselves wouldn't be able to escape from their own bend in space-time.

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Grammar nazi here. There is a big difference between energy which bends spacetime and energy witches bending spacetime. –  David H Apr 6 at 22:30
I think that's spelling stasi... –  Zephyr Apr 6 at 22:54
"energy witches bending spacetime" Sounds like a type of character/entity which would belong well in a weird space-fantasy anime. –  DumpsterDoofus Apr 6 at 23:16
Thanks David H for the catch lol was watching charmed with wife at the time i wrote this and i think i would watch that anime.... –  Jsmith9793 Apr 7 at 0:38
does the Heisenberg uncertainty principle permit a photon of a specific wavelength and corresponding momentum to be located within a particular Planck volume? –  DavePhD Apr 7 at 16:30

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